October Coast has worked with some of the most respected companies around the globe (including Uncork’d Entertainment, eOne, Full Moon Entertainment, LeoMark Studios, Breaking Glass Pictures, High Octane Pictures, Osiris Entertainment, Midnight Releasing, Clinger Digital, and Upstream Flix)





October Coast goes above and beyond to make sure our clients expectations are met each and every time.

If it wasn't for October Coast I don't know where I nor my movie would be today.  They catapulted 'VooDoo' to the world and it became a known title within a couple weeks.  I'll never consider using another PR firm again.

Tom Costabile

HyperCube Films (via Freestyle Releasing)

Clint and the team at October Coast did our PR campaign and I couldn't be any more happy with the results. Their connections, know-how, friendly and awesome team work was and is brilliant. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommend them.

Sean Solimon

GFF Films (via eOne)

Working with October Coast PR has become second nature for us. We can rely on always getting tons of reviews, interviews and articles for our new film releases. Couldn't be happier!

Erik Lundmark

Leomark Studios

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I was very impressed with the work Clint and all the folks at October Coast did for me when I had a couple of films opening and a tv show premiering. Diligent, hard-working, and knowledgeable. And they don’t charge silly prices like most PR companies.

Jim Piddock

Actor/producer (via Crystal Palace, HBO)

Great work by a great company! They ran a  very effective campaign for Golden Door Film Festival and wonderful people to boot! Will be using them every year. Clint's the best!

Bill Sorvino, founder

Golden Door International Film Festival

Clint and October Coast are hands-on, thorough and consistently surprise me with the degree of personal attention they afford me and my films. They are also impassioned champions of independent films and filmmakers. The marked enthusiasm and genuine care they bring to the table are very rare among publicists in my experience.

Miles Doleac

Historia Films

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Clint got our film reviewed in every major genre outlet and encouraged overwhelmingly positive and widespread press for a movie with no stars and a tiny budget. He works tirelessly, day and night, no matter what kind of project you send his way.

Michael Steves

writer-director Clinger (via Osiris Entertainment)

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October Coast is, in my experience, one of the most efficient, effective and personable public relations outfits in the business. Much of my work is in independent films, and October Coast has promoted several of them. They get the word out and get the job done while still finding the time to communicate with clarity and courtesy: old-school customer service meets cutting-edge publicity strategies. I highly recommend them.

Bill Oberst Jr

Actor "Criminal Minds", "Hunting Grounds"

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Clint and his team at October Coast has been instrumental at getting me the press and coverage on my films, pushing my career to the next level. Their connections in the industry especially with horror magazines, radio, websites and blogs have helped me make connections and establish relationships enabling to book future projects. I highly recommend October Coast to anyone looking to make a name for yourself in the business.

Sadie Katz


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We tried one of the larger firms for our Kickstarter campaign and got nothing for our value. But with October Coast, we spent a fraction with them and got a massive response.

Mark Edward Lewis

Executive Producer Blade of Honor

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October Coast has simplified the process of reaching the media and connecting our films with a wide audience. Media outlets we couldn’t get to directly all of a sudden became a reality.

Jhod Cardinal

President, Upstream Flix

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‘October Coast took our little film House Of Good And Evil from obscurity and brought the film into great popularity with a solid strategic and surprisingly inexpensive  PR plan. We highly recommend October Coast for you PR needs.

Blu de Golyer

Shooting Creek Films "House of Good & Evil"

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Clint and October Coast went above and beyond my expectations. Professional and experienced. Great people.

Jared Cohn

Actor/Filmmaker "Pernicious", "Little Dead Rotting Hood", "Buddy Hutchins"

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Clint showed passion towards my film and that helped in the collaboration to get the right news out to the media

Glenn Douglas Packard

Filmmaker, "Pitchfork"

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October Coast is top notch!

James Cullen Bressack

Filmmaker, "Bethany"

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I’ve worked with Clint and the team at October Coast twice now, and could not imagine using anyone else. Not only are they easy to work with, but what they were able to accomplish for me was truly remarkable

Ryan Colucci

Filmmaker, "Suburban Cowboy", "Orient City"

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October Coast has been our publicist on several of our feature film releases and I have always been thrilled with the amazing job they do getting the world out

Robert Conway

Filmmaker, "The Encounter", "Krampus Unleashed", "The Covenant"

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In an industry known for creating as much school yard drama behind the camera as in front, Clint Morris and October Coast are a spotlight of honesty, dedication, and positive attitudes that all of us in this business could aspire to learn from

Nicholas Gyeney

Filmmaker, "Beta Test"

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For a smaller production company like ours, it’s so important we find people that share the same passion for our films that we do. October Coast always exceeds our expectations and we’re constantly surprised by the reach they have when promoting projects

Lorraine Keith, Clear Focus

Filmmaker, "The Redwood Massacre", "Ghosts of Darkness"

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October Coast did a fantastic job promoting my movie premiere at the Chinese Theater. Clint and his team were easy to work with we had a successful event.

Eric Blue

Filmmaker, "Beacon Point"

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October Coast went far and beyond the call of duty for our film. They're truly on the filmmakers side and do what they do well, with passion for the craft

Ramon Fernandez

Filmmaker, "Glory Daze"

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Working with October Coast for the promo of my film The Shelter was nothing short of fantastic. Hard working, prompt and efficient; I got the press that I needed and then some!

John Fallon

Filmmaker, "The Shelter"

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We hired October Coast to help us with publicity to launch a steep crowdfunding campaign to finance the marketing and distribution of our multi-award-winning feature film. We reached our goal! We're certain that the ample number of film reviews October Coast were able to secure for us and the persuasive social media efforts were very instrumental in spreading the word, increasing our followers and in general, piquing people's interest in the film. Clint is absolutely, tirelessly dedicated to each of his projects, no better man to take on PR for a project. A thousand thank yous!

Circeo Films

Filmmakers, "She Sings to the Stars"

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I was thoroughly pleased with October Coast’s PR campaign upon the DVD release of 'Donovan’s Echo'. With a small indie film, it’s difficult to draw any kind of attention, but from online and radio interviews to an extra social media push, Clint and his team really delivered. I highly recommend their services to any filmmaker needing to get the word out.

Jim Cliffe

Filmmaker, "Donovan's Echo"

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Clint Morris and team at October Coast have been an absolute pleasure to work with when it comes to PR for our films. Always professional and incredibly timely with responses and turn around on coverage from the press. Not only is Clint very personable but he also goes above and beyond to make sure our films receive the best coverage possible. We have always been 110% satisfied with our results with October Coast and will continue to work with them for all our PR needs

Jimmy Lee Combs

Writer, director, producer Heart and Fire Productions

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I've been working with October Coast's strong team for years and am always quick to refer them to clients in need of PR and marketing for their films

Reese Lester

Managing Partner, Arrow Media Services

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From turning up the heat on cold projects to channeling the flame on hot ones, we’ve been amazed and and excited at the what Clint and the folks at October Coast have done for us, our company, and our work.

Steve Parker and Jody Wheeler

Cthulhu Crush Productions

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The October Coast group handled all of our PR and marketing for our 5 festival run and screening at giant Stan Lee event in LA with incredible success. But more than that, they provided personal support, industry advice, and friendship that I have rarely, if ever, seen in this tough industry. Their honesty, talent in social media, and one to one marketing cannot be overstated.


As soon as our next project is funded they will be our first hire. 

Bruce Kirschenbaum

Producer, "Live Evil"

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